Sussex Data Solutions

We can help you get the best out of your computers and your information by exploiting technology on and offline.

We will help you streamline your processes, save time on your computer and reduce the number of errors that happen because  of laborious and repetitive typing and retyping of information.

We will help you get the best out of your information.

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We can simplify your business life...

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We can help your business

Developing processes that are quick to use, accurate and produce the same results time after time. 

We have developed applications that -

• Roster staff
• Manage projects
• Track contacts
• Generate VAT figures
• Compare sales and stock inventory
• Manage events
• Tidy and organise computer space
• Transform business information

Lady with her head in her hands struggling with an Excel problem

Having trouble with Excel?

Excel - probably the most powerful and least understood application on your computer!  The power of Excel is phenomenal!  From simple totalling through sophisticated business metric dashboards to full blown applications.  Let us help you get the best out of Excel. Read More.

Phone, Tablet & PC Screen shwoing "Webstie design"

​Website design & build.

Sussex Data Solutions design, build and host websites. We specialise in the use of the Drupal Content Management System, one of the most powerful, flexible and popular systems used in the world.  From concept to delivery we’re there for you.

Dress makers tape measure suggesting bespoke work

Bespoke Applications

Sometimes "off the shelf" just doesn't fit well!  However much you try to fit your business to your software it’s just not right!  If that sounds like you it's time to look at bespoke software.  Our team have years of experience in computer development – contact us! Read More.