Microsoft Access

To quote Wikipedia –

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System (DBMS) from Microsoft that combines the relational  Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a Graphical User Interface and software-development tools.”

So there you have it! Actually, Microsoft Access can also work with the Microsoft SQL Server database but the important point is that Access allows you to have custom built database applications right in front of you on your own PC.

Image of part of a computer keyboardThrough Microsoft Access, we can deliver bespoke database solutions to the most complex business problems from contact and sales management through to scheduling or stock control. Access is ideally suited to the SME market as solutions can be developed quickly and are therefore more affordable than fully bespoke software.

Our development team have developed a wide range of solutions for businesses ranging from mortgage brokers to mobile phone sales.

All businesses need to manage information whether its staff rotas or customer order processing. We can often help by providing a solution that meets your businesses unique requirement, in many cases it possible to extract and clean up, remove duplicates or make formatting more consistent, data from your existing systems.