Office 365 - The great deal I already had but didn’t realise.

When I started to use Microsoft Office 365 I saw it as a great way of having the most up to date versions of Microsoft Excel and Word. This is important for me as one of the things that I do is develop Excel solutions for my clients.

 As I became familiar with Office 365 I started to realise that it gave me much more than I had realised.  If you’re paying for Office 365 do you realise what you’ve got?

 Here are some of the applications that come with Office 365: -

Software applications - Bespoke or off the shelf.

For many, this argument about the software was won years ago.  Thirty years ago if an organisation needed a suite of applications to achieve something be it paying pensions, managing bank accounts, handling a payroll they would have employed a project manager and recruited a development team to build their new system.  Often this took a long time and was very expensive.  But, if the team did their job well and were able to establish and maintain a good relationship with the end users of the system then the software that resulted fitted exactly to the needs of the organisation.  In fact, man

Excel – all things to all persons!

Most people who work in business have Microsoft Excel loaded on to their pc or laptop.  Whilst there are other fine pieces of software available that do a similar job Microsoft Spreadsheet has dominated for many years.  Now we can even have a copy loaded onto our smartphone.  So most of us can use it but what do we do with it.  As a professional developer I’ve seen many different uses made of Excel, some that I would never have thought of.  In fact it seems that Excel could be one of the most powerful and flexible pieces of software that we use but most of us don’t scratch the surface of wh

Plan well and get home safely!

Two of my close friends were on holiday in North Wales.  They decided to climb one of the most famous mountains there - Tryfan.  Following good practice the couple let someone know where they were going and the time they were due to return.  In the event they didn’t get in touch by the agreed time so the North Wales police were called.  The police started to look for them, they weren’t at their hotel but their car was found in a car park near the mountain.  The police decided therefore that it was likely that the couple were still on the mountain.  A PC was stationed near the car (in case t

Win the business, do the business, run the business

Why start a business

There are many reasons why we start a business - freedom from previous constraints, desire for a fresh challenge or a love for what we're good at and a dislike for the corporate structure that we've lived with!

Do the business

So when we start our own business things change!  We suddenly have to be expertise in so many new areas.  We have the expertise to provide the service or generate the products so we reckon we have the "Do the business" bit cracked.