Why start a business

There are many reasons why we start a business - freedom from previous constraints, desire for a fresh challenge or a love for what we're good at and a dislike for the corporate structure that we've lived with!

Do the business

So when we start our own business things change!  We suddenly have to be expertise in so many new areas.  We have the expertise to provide the service or generate the products so we reckon we have the "Do the business" bit cracked.

Getting the business

Now  how about getting the business? Advertising, marketing, networking, Social media marketing - lots of options and fortunately there are lots of resources out there to help.  There are also many excellent people who can help us - marketing companies, business and personal coaches.  If you don't know anybody in this category then get in touch with us - we know a number of excellent people to help you with this.

Running the business

The final piece in the jigsaw is "Running the business".  It's so easy to forget about this and it will rear up and bite us later.  If we don't keep track of our invoices we know that we will struggle to present our annual accounts.  Actually we might have a convesation with our accountant first.  Of course it doesn't finish there!

I practice running the business tends to take a back seat and as a company grows there are so many prioirities to think about that the processes we use just don't keep step. If we spent a little time analysing how much time is spent on running the business we would be most unhappy. If we started to think how much more we could do with our information, our client lists, our historic transaciton information we would find our ourselves very frustrated.

Do yourself a favour

So, do yourself a favour, allocate some time to looking at how you are running your busiess - what are you doing, why are you doing it, how could you get more value out of the processes, who are doing these processes.  I think you'll be pleased that you gave a litte time to this.

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