Microsoft Excel

Excel is a great application.

Google tells us that Microsoft Excel was first released in the 1980s.  The first version was for the Mac in 1985 with the first PC version following in November 1987.  A product that lasts that long certainly has a lot going for it.  Excel is a mainstay of millions of businesses throughout the world. With Excel, you can do much of the number crunching that your business needs. You can track information, create charts, write to databases, read websites, model complex scenarios or simply add up a column of numbers.

Excel is complicated

Lady with her head in her hands desparing over an Excel Spreadsheet


Opportunity often comes with a challenge.  Most users can carry out what they need to with Excel but most of the users that I speak to say things like “I know that it can do so much more for me but I don’t know how “. Yes you can do amazing things with Excel, yes there are functions like VLookUp, Pivot Tables, What if analysis, Charting.  Yes you can develop whole new applications in Excel using the power of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  Yes some of these things are easier to use than they sound and yes, some of them will take quite a lot of getting used to.



Excel can help you more

So what can you do with Excel – we at Sussex Data Solutions have worked on a fantastic variety of spreadsheets.  Here are some examples  – Time tracking, Creating staff rotas, Invoice generation, Project Tracking, Tax calculation, Contact management, File management, Statistical analyses, Financial dashboards. By using the power of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) we’ve written to databases, connected to websites, created exceedingly powerful marketing tools for use by multinational companies and helped a small business reconcile their bank accounts.

Sussex Data Solutions can help you with this.

With decades of experience in developing computer applications of many types for large businesses and small we know how to create a spreadsheet that does exactly what you need.  Contact us to discuss your requirement.