Our Team


Mark has been developing computer solutions for over thirty years. Over that time he has built up a wealth of experience in helping business users get the best out of their technology. Mark has worked in the public, the health and the private sectors on everything from Enterprise systems handling millions of transactions a year down to applications installed on a single PC for one person. Mark is passionate about providing the user with what they need rather than what the computer industry would like to sell them.


With a background in electronics & telecommunications, followed up by a broad experience in industry, running his own business and in the charity sector, Tony understands both the time and financial pressures on small business owners and their team. Tony is about understanding what is needed and delivering the right solution.


Julie makes sure that the business runs properly. She ensures that invoices get paid, licenses get renewed and that our accountant gets all the information that he needs when he needs it. Julie has an excellent eye for detail which is, of course, very important when administering a company but add that to her own experience as a Computer Programmer working on a large public service financial system and she has become a tremendous asset when it comes to testing systems that we are developing and implementing.


Esther is a graphic designer and provides us with advice and consultancy on the visual aspects of our work. Esther is one of those rare people with a talent both for the mathematical and the visual, an ideal combination when working in the world of software and websites.