Our Story

Built around the desire to give small companies the software they need and the skills to use it Sussex Data Solutions is here to help.

There is so much software out there – Apps on our phones and tablets, programs on our PCs, Macs and Linux based machines through to Cloud based software that promises to do nearly anything we could ever want, frankly it’s bewildering!

This is where Sussex Data Solutions loves to help. We have years of experience in the world of software.  We’ve written programs, taught folks everything from sending an email through to writing computer programs, implemented new systems and helped clients get the computer solutions that they need.

With long years of real-world experience built up across many sectors this Crawley based company is here to provide a friendly face to the bewildering world of software.  The world of IT is changing at an amazing pace and for so many people it feels like they will never understand.  

 What we do

We help businesses get what they need from IT systems.  It might be as straightforward as some extra training in a product they already have, it might be help in determining what they need, it may be some bespoke development.  We don’t mind.  We’re not wed to any particular solution.  We recognise that different organisations with different requirement and different people need different solutions. We’re happy to help you ourselves or introduce you to other suppliers who may have a suitable solution for you – step one is find out what you need, step two is to work out where the best solution lies and step three is to sort it out. We’ll be there to help.


Here is a list of some of the things that we can do: –

  •          Friendly advice that’s not in technobabble
  •          Business Systems Analysis
  •          Microsoft Excel training
  •          Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet design
  •          Microsoft Word training
  •          C# development
  •          Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) development
  •          Microsoft Access Training
  •          Microsoft Access development
  •          SQL Server
  •          mySQL
  •          VB.net
  •          User Interface Design
  • Microsoft 365 training
  •          Microsoft Teams training
  •          Microsoft Teams implementation
  •          MS PowerApps development
  •          MS Power Automate development.

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