Technology Solutions

You know that you need a software solution to help you run your business but frankly you’re too busy with other things or you just don’t have the right experience to investigate deeply.

That’s where we can help.

  • We have years of experience in the software industry.
  • We will spend as long as it takes to understand your requirement and the business drivers behind it.
  • Although we have lots of contacts who provide all sorts of software (CRM systems, Database Systems, Web developers etc. etc) we see ourselves as your representative rather than the software providers. We aren’t looking to sell you a particular solution.
  • We will do the research on your behalf.
  • We will give you viable proposals.
  • We can develop bespoke solutions but these are only occasionally the best answer so won’t push them.
  • In the past we have proposed solutions winch range from “I suggest that you continue to make notes in your paper diary” through “We suggest that you speak to your current IT partner to help as they understand your processes best” to recommending a full start to end system to run a business.

Let’s start a conversation, we won’t rush you and we don’t bite! Please contact us.