Office 365 – The great deal I already had but didn’t realise.

When I started to use Microsoft Office 365 I saw it as a great way of having the most up to date versions of Microsoft Excel and Word. This is important for me as one of the things that I do is develop Excel solutions for my clients.

 As I became familiar with Office 365 I started to realise that it gave me much more than I had realised.  If you’re paying for Office 365 do you realise what you’ve got?

 Here are some of the applications that come with Office 365: –

–         OneDrive for business. Each user gets 1Terrabyte of cloud storage which can synchronise with your computer. So, you can keep your information on your computer and Microsoft keep a copy for you too. No need to pay for Dropbox or Box if you have Office 365!

–         SharePoint Online – a powerful information storing and sharing tool that until the online version arrived with Office 365 was only available to bigger businesses.

–         To Do – a simple To Do list which you can view online or have as an app on your phone.

–         OneNote a useful note taking application that can be used on your computer, phone or online.

–         Planner – a simple project planning software tool.

 There are more but that would take more space than I have.

 If you’d like to know more then please get in touch with us at Sussex Data Solutions. We’re exploring the power of Office 365 to help businesses get the benefit of what they’ve already paid for.

Mark Kendal

Please note that I posted this on our orginial website back in January 2019.

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