MS Teams – How to upload a folder

Here’s another short “How To”. This week a project that we had been working on before our adoption of Microsoft Teams and had become dormant burst into life again. In line with our “Teams” way of working I created a Team relating to that client. So, of course, I want all the files that we had created in the years B.T. (Before Teams) to be stored in our new Team. I duly went to the Team, selected Files and clicked “Upload”. How frustrating to find that I can only upload one file at a time!

I really didn’t want to spend all day uploading several hundred files. So how do I upload a whole folder? The answer, like in the previous “How To”, is to remember that Teams sits on top of SharePoint. The menu at the top of Files looks like: –

No alt text provided for this image

Click on the “Open in SharePoint” option and up pops a browser showing where we are in SharePoint.

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To upload simply click on “Upload” in the menu and select the option you want. For this exercise that’s obviously “Folder”.

This then presents us with the normal “Select Folder to Upload” dialogue box: –

No alt text provided for this image

And we proceed. 

Job done! 😊


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